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Marko Höynälä

World Known Inventor

Marko Höynälä CEO

Experience innovation at its best with Marko Höynälä – a visionary inventor and CEO driving technology into the future.

About me

Welcome to the personal branding website of Marko Höynälä, a globally recognized inventor hailing from Oulu, Finland. With extensive experience in multiple technology fronts, including IoT, IoMT, AI, Remote Patient Monitoring, and TeleHealth industry, Marko is a result-driven CEO with an impressive track record of winning three innovation competitions and authoring six patents.

Marko is known for his big-picture thinking and has three patented and internationally awarded technology innovations, including Cmicro, Skiiot, and Kipuwex. His career spans over 20 years in the telecommunication industry, where he held various executive-level positions at world-leading high-tech companies. He has continuously demonstrated his abilities to deliver and work effectively within large, complex, and diverse multisite organizations.

Marko has worked on global assignments in Nokia, Broadcom Communications, & Renesas Mobile Europe, making him a CEO for long-term investors to watch as he builds impactful businesses with unique value that are worth holding for decades.

This website is designed to showcase Marko’s expertise, experience, and achievements in the tech industry. Here, you can learn more about his inventions, patents, and contributions to the field of technology. Join us as we explore Marko Höynälä’s journey to becoming a globally renowned inventor and CEO.


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I offer a range of services, including keynote speaking on various topics, expert consultation in areas such as financials, design, and automation, and hands-on workshops covering topics such as Health Tech, International Business, Leadership, IT, and Entrepreneurship. Contact me to learn more about how I can help you or your organization achieve your goals.

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2017 – Present



He founded Kipuwex, a medical device company focused on combatting healthcare inequality and developing the world’s first medical device capable of objectively measuring pain in infants and children aged 7 years and under.



Director of Operations

I have proudly dedicated two decades (1995-2015) to the dynamic realm of telecommunications, assuming pivotal senior management roles. Throughout my journey, I have consistently showcased my prowess in..


Renesas Mobile 

Director of Operations

• Orchestrated and inspired a cohesive team of over 40 individuals, fostering their professional growth and collective excellence.
• Championed a pivotal role in nurturing customer engagement, forming strong and lasting… 



Group Manager

People Management Virtuoso & Manager of Three High-Performing Groups
• Navigated and empowered a robust team of 70+ professionals across three vital units: Quality Assurance Group…

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